What is the Future of laïcité in Turkey?

The future of laicisim in Turkey: Secularism and legal pluralism

What is the Future of laïcité in Turkey?

Ertuğrul Aydın / DÜBAM

Where ever and whenever there is a change in the social norms, forms also change and all these changes, sooner or later, appear at distant places of the world. The fate of laicism heavily depends on the developments or normative changes. Thus, it is obvious where to search the answer for the future of laicisim in Turkey:  Normative social changes and their agents, both in Turkey and elsewhere, capable of changing the form/s or re-forming.

We have already two agents and these are operating everywhere in the world, in a world where religion did not disappear albeit the course of modernization: Civil society and private capital. And please keep in your mind that these current agents of change are operating in a political environment where dominant constants are not French but Anglo Saxon or American.

Now that secularism and legal pluralism within a pluralist political enviroment is possible then in Turkey, it is highly likely that Muslim agents of change in pluralist political environment won’t challenge the consept of secularism but lead to the transformation from awkward laicistic vision of state toward Anglo-Saxon secularism that is less aggressive and predatory against the sacred and demand legal pluralism. From one aspect, the demand for legal pluralism is to promote and enhance secularism because legal pluralism has the capacity to boost the viability of secularism.

Last week, on 18 January 2011, Mehmet Ali Şahin, The Speaker of The Grand National Assembly of Turkey was calling for immidiate measurements to reduce judicial workload.  And then there is Arbitration Act waiting for two years in Parliamentary Justice Commission...

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